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Our Mission

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Clearing the Way

If you want to really brighten up a room there is nothing like clean windows. Glass was meant to provide a barrier for the elements but not a barrier to your view. We built because we wanted to help with the seemingly simple task of getting glass clean by connecting consumers and window cleaners.

For Consumers

We commit to provide you with an honest review of local window cleaners and to establish a pool of the best to be presented in a simple and honest way. That means providing more than just reviews from past customers or listing those who pay to play. Many review sites get this wrong by presenting reviews that are obviously fake, misleading or old, and never review the professional qualifications of their listed companies. We perform a REAL review of the qualifications of each member. This means there is no way a company can sign-up and recommend themselves or get auto listed without going through actual human. We also actively review each member annually to make sure they still have active insurance and they are still providing high quality work. If a company goes out of business the annual review ensures that they are removed from our database. You can be confident that each company has been researched and vetted by us so you do not have do all the work yourselves.

To Window Cleaners

We commit to providing great window cleaners a place to get recognized for your professional skills, experience, and consistency. Our members are added by merit not deception. By providing a legitimate review process that incorporates industry specific hurdles and by listing only vetted window cleaners on our website we hope to show those new to the industry what it takes to be a real professional. We also wanted to provide window cleaners an online resource that doesn’t break the bank. We know what its like relying on an unreliable middle man that gives priority to companies with shady business practices, all the while taking a large slice of your profits. was built by window cleaners for window cleaners. Our hope is to bring significant exposure to your business and to have the largest pool of quality local window cleaners that can be found online.