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Membership Types and Fees

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New Members

All applicants must pay an initial one-time application fee of $49 at the time of application (to be deducted from your member fee if approved). Once your application and payment is received we will send you an email to begin our review of your business. Following this initial review we will send you an Expert Exam to make sure you are truly an experienced window cleaner. You may also receive an email requesting additional information.

Annual Fees

There is an annual fee of $99 for membership. If you would like an enhanced listing for your company the price is $199. Our annual fees cover the maintenance of our site and ongoing assessments of your business. They are also meant to ensure that there are no dead listing for companies that no longer exist.

*Though we have no plans on raising the fee in the foreseeable future it is subject to change.



Annual Pricing

Membership w/Enhanced Listing

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Annual Pricing

Membership w/Premium Listing

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Listing Options and Details

Standard Membership

Once you are HERO-Certified you quality for membership on As a member you will be included in our membership database and receive an enhanced business listing. These are 1-page listings that display member-provided photos along with details and highlights of your business. Your listing will include an estimate form where visitors can request quotes. Your customers can leave a review of your business directly on your listing. These listings appear in the search results page of our website and on our member map. The url format for this listing type is

Membership + Premium Listing

This option includes all Standard Membership benefits plus an enhanced listing on our website. A Premium listing includes company details and photos along with a Gallery page, a Faqs page, an estimate form (responsibid integrated if you have an account) and additional content areas. These listing appear first on our Search Results page and are marked as featured. Premium listings also have the option of using a location-based url for their listing address, for example Applicants requesting a Premium Listing are held to a higher standard in order to be featured. These will be companies that perform window cleaning daily and must achieve a higher score on our Hero Review.

Requests for Premium listings are not guaranteed. If you apply for a listing in another company’s service area (or where another applicant has requested for their listing and their application is put through first) you will be offered a Standard Membership (w/Enhanced listing). Will not refund your application fee in the case that another company qualifies for a premium listing in your area first. You are welcome to request a premium listing for the following year.

Free Listing (Uncertified)  – (Example)

For new businesses or those otherwise unable to qualify for membership, we have created a free listing option. These non-member business listings appear under the member listings on our search results page. They do not appear on our member map page and do not receive the benefits of a SqueegeeHero membership. While free, these listings will not appear live on our site until approved. We review all listings before approval. Free listing applications may be denied based on quality, service area or inactivity. If you would like to upgrade your free listing and receive membership please contact us.

We reserve the right to charge a fee to make changes to free listings.

Service Areas

While there are no current limits on the amount of standard listings per area there are limits on the amount of premium listings per area. We will only approve one company for a premium listing with the same service area. Though overlap may occur into another service radius we will not approve your listing if it overlaps the service center of another listing (as seen in URL). In such a case you may limit your service area to not overlap or you may create a standard listing to appear in your desired service radius.

Service areas differ. We attempt to make sure each area has appropriate limits. You may request a service area up to 50 miles (25 mile radius). Service radius will be limited according to population and conflicting metro areas. Requested service areas are not guaranteed. If your service center is available the desired radius may not be.

*The service area limits apply to our site’s zip codes search system and map. We will include any area your business services in the “areas we work” section of your listing.

Applicant Review Process

Our member criteria is be based upon the 10 items listed on our membership requirements page. We will require additional information after the initial application in order to begin our review. The process will take 2- weeks (or longer, depending on your responsiveness) and you will receive the results of our review by email.

The Hero Review and Certification is a 3 step process. For premium members there is an additional step.

  1. Application Submission
  2. Review Form Submission
  3. Expert Exam

Approval Applicants

If your application is approved you will receive a welcome email with the details of your membership. Once approved your annual subscription fee will be charged to your previously submitted card. We will be in contact within a week to complete your business’ listing on

Unapproved Applicants

If your application is not approved you will be notified of this by email within 4 weeks of applying. You will be informed of the reason for our denial at that time however our review results are final. You will still receive an Un-Certified listing on our site as a non member. You may reapply in 1 year by submitting the standard application fee.

Application fees are not refundable.


After a year has passed your business information and status will be reviewed again by our staff and upon approval your membership will be automatically renewed unless otherwise requested. The Annual Fee for your listing will be charged to your card on file. If we do not have a valid card on file you will receive a payment request via email.

If your business is not approved for ongoing membership you will be notified that your listing will be suspended. No application fee will be applied should you wish to reapply after 30 days. If denied you may apply again in 1 year using our application page and submitting the standard application fee.

Search Engine Ranking

It is our hope that your listing on displays prominently in the search results. Ranking however depends much on your efforts. This would include providing ample and unique content for your listing, encouraging reviews from customers and promoting your site. Contact us here for more tips.

Changes to Listings

If you would like to make a change to your listing please see this page. We may need to verify changes before publishing. We will let you know once the changes are made.

If you would like to upgrade to a standard listing to a premium listing contact us.