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It’s The Bucket Blog!

August 1, 2019 by admin in Commercial, Tools

The Bucket Blog lives!

So the day has finally arrived and we are live! Welcome to the Bucket Blog – your source for education, news, and reviews for the professional window cleaning industry! Tool geeks and content junkies welcome.

We have big plans for this blog and hope that everyone reading this can tell just how excited I am RIGHT NOW to accounce it! I’M YELLING IN FACT! We wanted to make a resource for window cleaners, consumers, manufacturers etc to learn, grow, and to digest industry information. Something that hasn’t been done before (or done right). There are a number of great forums and groups that provide discussions for window cleaners, but The Bucket Blog is something different. We wanted to create a platform to dig deep into topics and to showcase the knowledge, expertise, and innovation of industry leaders, manufacturers, and veterans.

We know how wc’ers are. You are driven and you are curious.  Since you are here we hope that you stay a while. We have some big plans in store for this blog (as mentioned) and I think you will really like how things are done here. This blog will consist of content from industry leaders and veterans alike. Stay sharp, close well and squeegee on.

Please remember, although comments are allowed on all articles, profanity, drama and spam are not.

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